what next

the silence is the thundering , but there is no fear, because the hope is the obvious , what do you think?
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Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

6 thoughts on “what next”

  1. Hello Tomas,Thank you for getting back to me.That is a nice observation of your capture, seeing it for what it is as children taking interest in what happens in todays world. 🙂


  2. Dear Ana, thank you for so rich and honest response. I greatly appreciate your statements and rejoice indeed over your passionate feedback.We could start the discussion on what the children know or do not know, yet that would take us aside from the message of the photo. The reading of the newspapers portrays children's interest in what happens around. That curiosity put me under a charm. The picture inspired me as the opposition to the world that worries just for self and close the eyes to any morals. The word hope may have lots of interpretations too. Its one meaning was put clear by you already. Yet we can see the hope as the motivation to act too. Any human activity may be defined as a sum of the meaningless movements if it comes without trust (if it is not inspired by our hopes) Thank you once again for your in depth comment. I hope other bloggers will join this discussion too.


  3. I don't agree. The children know a lot more than the newspapers put together, yes, as even I know and you know, and know not to get sucked down with it. I don't believe in hope, as if you rely heavily on it, you're never going to put yourself out there completetly and always hide behind a facet, a word, a term which is transparent and leads off of nothing. It's like pulling something out of a hat, for your own emotional grid and making it a comfort for when there is something you can't really deal with, you look to that because it's the only thing you've grown accustomed to. For me life is about being involved, and not relying on things which are not within one's own reach, as if you are to continously do this, you will eventually be lost within another world, and not that of your own.


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