stary-eyed musing awakes the sentiments to water the natural flowers

while browsing my archives, I was stopped by this old photo. I think you will agree with me too, the pick looks expressively indeed, yet it is just a simple close-up at a billet that was taken while visiting my father-in- law… It went up in smoke through the chimney already. That was in days of yore, so to speak, and there is nothing to mourn for that. The central heating serves the town-dwellers better than a billet in a romantic-looking  furnace. Nonetheless this photo gave a good shake to me. I reminded the warmth of a tree – the warmth that warmed my heart then. Meanwhile while touching my modern-day heater,  I receive just the knowledge about the temperature that awakes hard musing about the cost of the home comforts.

The chump disguise as a watercolor and does that fine enough, yet  does that mastery makes the image the fine art we all rejoice at? The question looks worthy of pondering deeper, yet can human mind change though a bit to improve current morality?

6 thoughts on “stary-eyed musing awakes the sentiments to water the natural flowers

  1. Ho Tomas. We are going away for a long boating weekend for our Independence Day. Just wanted you to know why I'll be absent from blogging.Have a terrific day and weekend. See you Monday. 🙂


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