color of hope

Words melted into pictures to voice the heart and commissioned  the photo to talk.

While walking, I encountered hundreds of  pictures that enabled me to move forward. The visions planted the hope and the cost of life tested my belief. The welcome of the unknown passerby supports the most – testify for the spiritual supremacy over the world’s logic.

6 thoughts on “color of hope

  1. Not the pictures one can't like. beautiful and extravagant expression of colours. the 'colours talk' has a definite and captivating language of its own. such a beautiful mix of colours and heavenly hues. the sphere is attracting all the attention. faces of hope has a distint optimism and frangrance of beauty and the 'cost of….' also looks beautiful.


  2. Beautiful picture to start a journey. Has a Very refreshing look. The details, contrast and the background surely make it look more beautiful.


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