leaves love the pavement

leaves love the pavement
leaves love the pavement by Tomas Karkalas 2009

Leaves love the pavement till now despite the wanderer’s threatening news.  While the life is going worse and worse (the government lower the pensions and leave the disabled to care for themselves), the light didnt vanished from sight till now. The artwork  clearly depicts the leaves that kiss the pavement.  While the picture needs no comments, the beholder search for the words to share with you his insights. That’s why I am writing now.  I want to warm my heart with the discovery of love I have seen on the pavement. Just have a look at the yellow leaf. What a valiant spot. The government announced that it will raise up the cost for electricity (totally everything except the wages)  since  January, yet the leaf  continue to color the pavement. This art example  inspires us not to give up too…   thus welcome to the awakened visions.

my lovely persecutor

Each time I see this stump, lots of emotions fill my heart. Thus I took a shot. This view brought me to introspect,  inspired my recent posts The Sign and My Story. As we identify ourselves with what we see underfoot, even the simple shot comes into bloom, reveals the symbolic message and thus what looked as quite ordinary thing sits us back in awe as we identify ourselves with our environment. Not the quality of  this photo-sketch, but the way we respond is worthy the sharing. Just incredible transformations take part then. I wanted to title the above  photo as my persecutor, yet it became the spring of action to uplift my eyes to heaven.

Where is Butterfly

where is butterfly
Where is Butterfly 2009 by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

The question where is the butterfly fills the diaries as our today reminds the weeping sky.  While painting needs no words,  the descriptive lines  dominate our talks. The definitions are just necessary to clear the streets  of  worry for self.  Thus WordPress handed me out of silence, offered the blogs that became inseparable from my being. I am grateful for that opportunity to voice my longing for peace and love.   The blogging gives publicity to our dreams, and thus  while looking at the picture, I didn’t fear  the artwork – the picture’s dampness didn’t freeze, but inspired. Where is the butterfly?

what enables me to breath freely

family relations
family connection by Tomas Karkalas 2009

I looked underfoot and sat back in awe. I saw not the litters covered with snow, but just unforgettable artwork – the picture of  a couple. While travel-films typically just wake up the dreams and inspire,  the sight at what’s underfoot always reveals what enables us to breathe freely.  While there  were just one footprint, the dark spot wasn’t alone:  the leaves from under the snow visualized the lovely face nearby. That wasn’t just an artistic fantasy but the reality- the truth of my being.

Attraction to silence

I noticed that my walk slow down each day. The photo Attraction to silence depicts the cause. Not the flatness of the surface attracts me, but the incredible depth that opens in outwardly hopeless situation sits me back in awe. Just try to connect the leaves into a figures. What do you see now?  Are these my eyes? Our being? The digital truth.

photo riddle

First snow comes always unexpectedly. Each spot captivates then. The questions rise up just after some time. So what’s that? Snow melted already, yet photo riddle remained. Please speak your mind. What’s that?

autumn melody


autumn melody
autumn melody 2009

I’m going to  send my autumn melody to Alphainventions.com and therefore know this digital painting will receive lots of clicks, the artwork will break through the silence.   I hope you will speak your mind and the  November’s wind stop  fear us to go outside.  You will find why does sunlight turn pale then and we will enjoy the new colors together.


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