art amidst the noise of busy town

amidst the noice of busy town
amidst the noise of busy town

The artworks typically play a trick  on us amidst the noise of busy town: beauty look at us in disguise of a litter till the dreams close our eyes – till we enter into the picture and throw down the viewer’s masks.  Then the picture revive to applaud to us, who dared to live according to dreams and rejoice not over the brush stroke of some master, but  personal being in the hug of friends. Thus dark nights sparkle with love.  Why did it vanish from sight at the arrival in dawn? Child for Life looks around and share his photos on a web, thanks the WordPress  for the hand of support to break through the silence.

Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

7 thoughts on “art amidst the noise of busy town”

  1. Thank you for your kind words. You blog is amazing too! Lovely, heartwarming, peaceful, and spiritual. Here are some healing words for you:

    Purple Light we all adore
    Now blaze within I implore
    Raise joy from the start
    Warm my face and heart

    I am this Purple Flame
    I make a simple claim:
    Surround me with your Light
    Glow peaceful thru the night

    All I want and desire
    Release into your holy fire
    As Love-Light flows divine
    To humbly remain forever mine

    In Your Name breathe power
    For healing justice every hour
    Holy Spirit shines violet bright
    Lift us on wings tonight.

    More Eby Way here:


  2. There is so much in what our eyes and other senses can gift us with, rather it be a smell which unwillingly causes a reaction we were surprised with or the colors in a painting which I am often enamored by, there is so much beauty everywhere a feeling if only for the moments we allow our brains to embrace.

    Dorothy from grammology


  3. hello sir thank you very much for leaving message in my shout box i became just alive to read it.autumn also bring noise in town but it make the eyes wet and deliver sadness to heart countless leaves of trees wanders with the wind and cries loudly.i hope and pray that god may give you long healthy life take great care


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