best wishes didn’t lost its meaning

stocktaking of 2008

I looked at the archives of my blog (see the picture above)  and reminded all my other artworks and the blogs I have ( DAYFLY is one of them) Thus the memory made me the speechless . What was written a year ago looked like coming out of me now.  My wonder doubled as I reminded a saying “nothing happens by chance”.  Thus I have read the text below the picture…   The artwork was the same as here  yet the picture looked differently there despite the same message. This metamorphosis once again proved to me that changes depict just outward appearance of things we encounter, meanwhile the spiritual light is the rock-like, it remains the same for ever.

meditation in color by Tomas Karkalas

The spiritual healing by the fine arts starts with the recognition of oneself in other

You might also like my other artworks too. See transformational art by Tomas Karkalas. And browse the archives of my blogs. The new picture starts almost each my post there. I hope you will enjoy my meditation in color.

God with us

While dreaming over a cup of coffee I asked myself, what was my cup in the picture of nice vision.  The question forced me to open the dictionary of the symbols, and the curiosity  gave a birth to the new understanding. While the cup was just the contact agent, I  tended to look at him as at the secret of the beauty that puts us all under a charm as we close our eyes for the hearts could awake and revive us in return.  In simple phrase,  the artist draw a cup (a still life or the landscape) and talk about the self-portrait, which rarely attracts if we made the text between the lines into the native language and heard the colors indeed. Nevertheless the beauty of the artworks (the human handicrafts) pleases many –  Christmas are coming  and transform the passersby into the buddies. Is that not a miracle? Due to the cup? That’s my dream, the visions’ presence, God with us.

Do you love a fly?

I love a fly, yet I love to look like a wise man too, thus I question myself, why should I love the fly? Do you know the answer?

It’s so easy to claim the love to all people and the Earth, yet without the fly.  As I think about that, I flush with shame and try to hide myself under the riddles.  So what do you see in the picture on above? What’s under the roof? Could we discover the Christmas tree there?  Let’s read The Wild Flower vs a Smeller. I hope you will find a key to Observer’s picture there and unlock the truth.

the snow is white or what makes the blogging priceless

My willingness to report something good forced me to look around more attentively.  That’s why I love the blogging. I have discovered …the snow was white. Wow! The above truth was only sunny news of today and it was not left unnoticed DUE YOUR INTEREST  in my posts.  Thank you dear readers for that precious support to stay positive.  Your presence transform complaints into the greetings.  While our press  daily reports only bad news and informs the citizens that their life would become much harder next year,   I found the ability to enjoy Nature’ wisdom once again due to you. Therefore though it’s cold outside and the wind bites now, I do not  whimper but question what could be better than such state of things? Just think. That (the cold) means all  worms (the garden pests) would be frozen (killed) for the future flowers could safely raise up their heads.

Now I could make the detailed list of hardships we meet with, yet that would look totally improperly in the light of the rapidly forthcoming holiday. Thus let’s  repeat  the positive events that still dwell in my surroundings.

1) the snow is white.  2) the wind conserves the future to future and thus is the freezing   3) I am still alive and wish to say something positive. I welcome you to my picture gallery It will grow.

transform complaints into the greetings

art of truth
art of truth from the archives of Tomas Karkalas

This digital painting illustrates my current mood well, yet the picture belongs to my archives. Thus the question  raises up. Does anything change in our being ? Let’s look.

In 2001 I was  full with enthusiasm as the art therapy group started to work in the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders, yet it was not profitable organization and thus the administration closed her now. So to speak, at a moment Modus Vivendi exists just in the archives of my blog. I welcome you to visit them. Hope you will enjoy at the colors there.  So let’s joke.  It’s natural that winter hides dream’s flowers  under the cold walls that don’t fear  the snow because the artificial heating guards the stones from the freezing cold… the irony shares some light, isn’t it? The acts of the administration look wise now (what for should their feed the permanent beggars?)  and  makes the above story  just the complaints for my personal helplessness to change anything here.  So… what for should you bother yourself with such information?

It’s holiday season now. Each day gifts us one new opportunity to grasp the blessing for the remaining alive till now. As we comprehend what’s what, we become the grateful for the ability to see the light, and the gratitude makes us the happy ones. Though I haven’t a penny for making my dreams into the tangible reality (art materials have a cost that associates with nice dream to the work-less ),  but I can visualize how my pictures could embellish your rooms and the hearts, which hear the light, and thus  the verse of my last post (the colors melt into nowhere and my helplessness will do the same soon) dried my  tears.  Merry Christmas!

what’s new Tomas

The Fall melt into dailt bread

I have learned that “How do you do?” was not the inquiry,  but the words of  the welcome, just the formal hand clasp.  That’s on the above: it is the tender touch of irony by the digital painting.

The leaves melted into nowhere, time  to talk without the irony came. So what’s new with you Tomas?

According to my  stats, the last post  Leaves love the pavement received lots of clicks… but  there were no comments.  Thus I can  enjoy just my visions: as the colors melt into nowhere, so   my current helplessness will do the same soon.

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