Do you love a fly?

I love a fly, yet I love to look like a wise man too, thus I question myself, why should I love the fly? Do you know the answer?

It’s so easy to claim the love to all people and the Earth, yet without the fly.  As I think about that, I flush with shame and try to hide myself under the riddles.  So what do you see in the picture on above? What’s under the roof? Could we discover the Christmas tree there?  Let’s read The Wild Flower vs a Smeller. I hope you will find a key to Observer’s picture there and unlock the truth.


One thought on “Do you love a fly?

  1. If we love without the fly, we only love the surface, the light without the dark. Love the observer and the observer’s shadow.

    Thank you Tomas for your thoughts and paintings.

    Have a very happy Christmas.

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