God with us

While dreaming over a cup of coffee I asked myself, what was my cup in the picture of nice vision.  The question forced me to open the dictionary of the symbols, and the curiosity  gave a birth to the new understanding. While the cup was just the contact agent, I  tended to look at him as at the secret of the beauty that puts us all under a charm as we close our eyes for the hearts could awake and revive us in return.  In simple phrase,  the artist draw a cup (a still life or the landscape) and talk about the self-portrait, which rarely attracts if we made the text between the lines into the native language and heard the colors indeed. Nevertheless the beauty of the artworks (the human handicrafts) pleases many –  Christmas are coming  and transform the passersby into the buddies. Is that not a miracle? Due to the cup? That’s my dream, the visions’ presence, God with us.

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