best wishes didn’t lost its meaning

stocktaking of 2008

I looked at the archives of my blog (see the picture above)  and reminded all my other artworks and the blogs I have ( DAYFLY is one of them) Thus the memory made me the speechless . What was written a year ago looked like coming out of me now.  My wonder doubled as I reminded a saying “nothing happens by chance”.  Thus I have read the text below the picture…   The artwork was the same as here  yet the picture looked differently there despite the same message. This metamorphosis once again proved to me that changes depict just outward appearance of things we encounter, meanwhile the spiritual light is the rock-like, it remains the same for ever.

One thought on “best wishes didn’t lost its meaning

  1. Hello Tomas, The pictures above have made my day, but I know there is a lot I want to ask you and a little I may be able to offer. You visited Boo somebody, who wanted me to be his/her ‘friend’. I am not a very good ‘friend’, but take off the apostrophes and I do what I can.

    I only clicked on your picture because you looked like a healthier version of me! And then I saw you were an artist – and what an artist! You have already made me feel the need to take a less ‘comfortable’ approach to my own picture-making. And then I saw that you face difficulties in life; share what you will with this poor artist. perhaps we can swap images and play with them for a post. Take care, Bob


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