Peace and Love

The integration of art to life not embellishes, but changes our life. As the pictures knock on the heart, the artworks transform the human mindset, and new way of thinking silences the beggars.

For example,  I have no money at a moment, yet  it does not matter any. Though my financial situation looks hopelessly and threatens to stop any creative work, yet I still have everything I need to share my heart I have my tongue and am free to speak, to greet you and share my thoughts with you.  As  Enreal says “And remember to see what we need to face”  Thus let Peace and Love mark  our starting point and define the day-to day being. Just click on above and speak your mind.

5 thoughts on “Peace and Love

  1. Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for sharing this. I love your last line as well. Peace and love indeed marks the start of our journey towards spiritual healing and enlightenment.

    Oh, and I also thought you might enjoy a new blog I created a few days ago.

    Lastly, if I haven’t said it yet (and if I did, I’ll say it again anyway), thanks for always visiting zenbananas and sharing your insights.



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