The Unwrapped Pack of Cookies

unwraped pack of cookies
power to be in disguise as a cookie — 2010

The picture caught me and I made a shot. Thus the  Unwrapped Pack of Cookies appeared.  Now there are no cookie on my table yet the questions blossom out in abundance, because the artwork cleared my room from the silence: a story of  the unexpected Recovery revive anew each time I look around. Then I talked about the power of words  to heal us . Can the pictures do the same? Then I have sworn that my message was not a fiction.  I can swear the same now too – this picture was not planned in advance. The photo illustrates a discovery of oneself in  here and now reality.  My outlook on art and life didn’t change.  We can either talk about the love or to love. So we need to choose.   I would rename the art  showrooms into the stores of our choices.  That’s what i wished to say in my photo Unwrapped Pack of Cookies.

the fine arts’ bath

While talking about the fine arts,  it is popular to recall the eternal value,  so  most people don’t wonder at the light, which  requests the viewers to put on their  sunglasses  as she portrays  the scenes of the night.  Art history is a deal between an  artist and his picture, where an artwork means the discovery of the light inside a  spectator.

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