the fine arts’ bath

While talking about the fine arts,  it is popular to recall the eternal value,  so  most people don’t wonder at the light, which  requests the viewers to put on their  sunglasses  as she portrays  the scenes of the night.  Art history is a deal between an  artist and his picture, where an artwork means the discovery of the light inside a  spectator.

Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

3 thoughts on “the fine arts’ bath”

  1. When I look at the picture, I get a cold feeling. In the middle ther seems to be a face and everything seems to be in motion and frozen at the same time.
    A skillful work.

    I added you to my blogroll too.


  2. Gosh how gorgeous, never seen anything like it before, draws you in, further ad further into a middle maddle of memories, thoughts and feelings


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