Kiss of Fate

My pictures differ between in color and mood, yet they all reflect the same Light that requests us just a wish to hear it.

Kiss of Fate
KISS of FATE by Tomas Karkalas 2010

I  lost the number of pictures I have on a web today.  I know just one:  my blog Art by Tomas received the most  updates recently, yet does that matter any? How many of my visitors browse the archives?
My pictures  differ between in color and mood, yet they all show the same Light that requests  us just a  wish to hear it.

See the  Images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas.


Author: Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps left in life is determined by love for each other. Spiritual healing begins with self-recognition in the next.

5 thoughts on “Kiss of Fate”

  1. Beautiful work of art and non traditional too. You have your own genre of art specifically cut out for you. I hope and pray that your therapeutic art would spread and bring healing and solace to all who are suffering. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.


  2. Mistser Tomás
    I had little time to visit the Internet. However I have in mind at you; your beautiful works provide happiness and peace. I am grateful.


  3. Tomás
    Thank you very much for sending me the linkreviewer address.
    I have this link to your site with my favorites in stumbleupon.


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