The fallen

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

Fallen leaves disguise as the theatre masks…. So the nature eased my task to accept the reality such as it is. The identity with the fallen should look sadly, yet as I dared to admit the above diagnosis, it rewarded me with the ability to recognize the beauty underfoot. That truth was the magical art therapy that enabled me  to bloom with all colors of silence.

Dear bloggers, your encouraging feedbacks transformed the dependad  one his  family grace into the artist, who don’t weep for personal sickness  but invites you to the wonderland of painting.   Thank you.

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art comfort

photo painting by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania 2010The sombre colors bloom with the words of the gratitude because art by Tomas is the meditation in color that shows not only what’s behind the curtain but illuminates the darkness too. So as I identified  myself with the withering leaf of the picture,  the taking the garbage out of the home became no less meaningful activity than painting of the window as a dream of people with the disabilities.

challenging Silence


digital painting by Tomas KarkalasWhen I look outside my window, I feel myself inspired  each time anew. While the success stories make a grab at my  mind, the nature’s comments always pierce into the heart and blossom out with the allegoric metaphors.  The challenging silence pours out art colors on my canvases in a various ways  in order the snail lessons on Art by Tomas blog could be grasped better.

magic of the autumn portraits

The fine arts melt the irritating news into a joy for being “here and now”

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas from Lithuania
digital painting Autumn Portraits by Tomas Karkalas from Lithuania

This digital painting has melted  the irritating daily news into an awe. The autumn portraits awaked and inspired – enabled me not to stumble but enjoy my being “here and now”

Photo story

photo story

Once upon a time your Tomas Karkalas from Lithuania  wished to be the great artist, yet time humbled these visions. Now I rejoice at the ability to recognize myself in the fallen leaves, and the autumn beauty sits me in an awe and silences all childish musings on how we could improve ourselves.

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