peaceful whirl

digital painting
peaceful whirl

Emotions look for the words and the definitions follow the artworks. Pictures warm the heart, yet fingers freeze.  I long for comments (the chatter of friends),  yet my questions disguise as visual poetry and therefore remain unanswered.

Yet miracles happen. Therefore I hope you will enjoy the  digital paintings by Tomas Karkalas.

Speak your mind dear bloggers.

Power of failure

Here is a story worthy pondering deeper. This digital painting illustrates  the Garden of Possibilities in the new light. digital painting Power of a FailureWhat is worthy more? Is it the paintings or the definitions we leave? So to speak, do we wish to love or to talk about the love?

I am glad to fail to show what I met with, because that “misfortune” enabled me to shift from satisfaction at my handicrafts to the  questioning of the meaning of our being.

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