free pass to pass by

digital painting
Free pass to pass by, or art by Tomas

As soon as I looked at this wall I experienced just a magical transformation. It was a touch of light. The old walls evoke a lot of thought, but every passer-by has the right to pass by in silence. Not my insights, but your comments turn the image into a work of art.

Spring is comming


digital painting by Tomas Karkalas
bug's wanders by Tomas Karkalas

Today is windy :  wet and cold – the freezing day, yet a bug is sitting on my window so quietly – peacefully. That challenged me and I took a picture. Is it the artwork? It’s my diary for sure.  So I am glad to share my joy with you : My blog Modus Vivendi was acknowledged with guest post. My creative work got an overview – was perfectly expressed by Samantha Harris.  I greatly appreciate that and am proud to end this post  with the quote of my precious guest:

“Just as maple trees wait for the approaching darkness and cold of winter to give us their most brilliant display of color, so too must patients rejoice in their greatest time of suffering to remind themselves, and others, just how much beauty there is to celebrate in all that we do and see”  – Samantha Harris “Rejoicing Through Art: Finding Peace with a Terminal Illness”

inhabited winter

photo painting Inhabite Winter

My digital painting is based on a work with the photography.  Though some pictures may look as the abstracts at first glimpse, they all have strong documentary foundation (looking through the lenses of my camera reminds me about the need to mark the horizon clearly for not to go astray while wandering in the world of symbolism as I paint).  Please check out my post the  visual poetry.  Hope you will enjoy my digital painting and will grasp the transformations

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