embellished pain

digital painting

The Embellished Pain of Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

The flowers embellish the irritating mist of the weary streets. Have a look at the artwork on above.  Yet everything has its cost. So the spring refreshment remains a wish to the artificial colors in spite of the beauty of the human handicrafts.
That is why I named my artwork the embellished pain – I am laughing at  personal helplessness to plan anything except joy to stay the grateful for ever.

2 thoughts on “embellished pain

  1. Halfway between blossoming in time & twirling in the wind, the flower in this picture reminds one that loss can become the mother of growth, that change is spontaneous & yet permanent within the living world, & that the unfoldment of beauty is a gift one can be grateful for regardless of one’s circumstances.


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