form keyhole to myself

am I seeing a dream?

photo painting by Tomas Karkalas
overview of my life

My life journey was unforgettable but it interests only a dustbin – the reports please only Art by Tomas blog.  So I’m guessing, what missed my works to receive the publicity worthy pondering deeper?
The phrase from keyhole to myself pictorially describes my life with disabilities… Each picture dreams of escape from my archives, long for the awakening by the power of your word of mouth – am I seeing a dream?

Key to Art by Tomas

key to art by Tomas

There has to be no garbage in the nature, yet have a look at the photo above.

Does artworks laugh at our “best intentions”, or give a key to confusion we face on each step?

Prompt: Do you recall a tale where prince kissed a frog and such way transformed it into the loveliest beauty?

That’s a key to my creative work  as here so everywhere you see Tomas Karkalas

If you see thirsty for the kiss in the picture, than Old Door is widely opened gates to you.

Hope you will have a good time with my painting and let me know your mind. Thank you in advance.

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