my Backyard Story

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

The search of eternities compose my blogs, they are my diary that consists of my artworks that look at you and long for you now.

The Backyard Story may be defined as the digital painting, yet its paintbrush was not my keyboard but the heart- the artwork was made by reviewing my whole life.  Tomas Karkalas

Art of Butterfly in Plaster

art of digital painting by Tonas Karkalas

I paint and that means I communicate with you. The artworks are like my breathing.  It may be heavy, but may uplift the soul too. Your comments edit my colors, and the feedbacks compose  next pictures. My nickname  Butterfly in Plaster portrays as what’s inside of me as beyond the exposition – pictorially talks what for is the creative work  of Tomas Karkalas

art of last bloom

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

I was going to mourn for my hacked sites,  but reminded the saying “the changes represent the growth” …  The above should mean  that I should accept the loss of best part on my blogger profile not as misadventure but the reward, because  I experienced the growth in spite of my old age.  Such thought was the inspirational – became my shield and enabled me to bloom with the grateful smile.  Thus art of last bloom appeared on above.  Thus my bitter tears transformed into joy to share my visions with you. Please click on Life lesson to read that in more detail.

It’s nevertheless true that I am waiting for you – for your help to reply to the thief  of my blogs.  Please help me to regain my rights to my blogs Art by Tomas Art Mirror Tomas’ sketchbook Modus Vivendi What have happened on blogspot can happen on too – one hacker spots us all. Thus our loud No to wrongdoers will  embellish the web like the best art therapy does.

Let me in

Art comes from inside and knocks on the heart : let me in to show what’s outside.

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

Such way I have learned my life lesson . Hope you enjoy the photo there and the pictures of Butterfly in Plaster will bridge our hearts. Art creates the miracles, isn’t it?

wither beautifully

painting by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania
wither beautifully 2011

Withering beautifully is all that remains for me. The picture illustrates that eloquently. The hackers robbed me – stolen  my identity and claimed my links as their own property. What could I do? I deleted the stolen links from my profile… and rejoiced for the ability still share the remnants of my heart with you on
Let’s wither beautifully –

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