art test

photo of my most honorable estimator

most honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art

my artworks were recognized as worthy of the viewing by my grandson Simonas. Look the photo.  I was proud of taking the photo of my most respectable estimator.

3 thoughts on “art test

  1. Tomas,of all the beautiful, thoughtful work I have seen on your sites, this one left a caress on my soul, and a song in my heart for you. What an enduring image. It speaks to me of the timeless giving of the artist,and the gifts we each give to those that will follow us. Thank you for a beautiful share, a handsome grandson indeed. Your heart must be full of pride and joy.


  2. I love this, I can see Tomas that you have passed an absolute treasure called” Art ” to your grandson……what a inheritance to receive!…..needless to say this art of your’s is “Priceless”

    Great to be back again on your site

    Take care



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