controversial thoughts

digital painting controversial thoughts by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

controversial thoughts

this digital painting is my original artwork yet its description is the typical : size  60 x 49 cm … so I needed the interpreter  and I found him while browsing the web –  I found famous quotes that helped to respond to the heart’s whispers properly:

Honor isn’t about making right choices. It’s about dealing with the consequences.

These words made clear as the mood of the picture I took as our freedom to choose.

5 thoughts on “controversial thoughts

  1. Hi Tomas, I am so happy to hear from your goodself. How are things with you? I mean your health. Happy New Year and we must reconnect again, right? God Bless and see you !!!


  2. An inspiring image,Tomas. Through the mist I see the strength of the iron, an inner strength to see through the elements of its own decay. I am honored you have found the words on my site to express what is written in your heart. But, my friend, my mere words are but vain shadows to the beautiful thoughtful images. The words can only stumble from the mind, as your image flows from the heart. I am honored you found the words that spoke to your heart, and know, that while I can only speak to the heart, you, my friend, speak to the soul. Thank you.


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