Thought for the Day

While announcing the truth we like we are building the claims that bound us by putting into politics. Even by claiming love TO ALL PEOPLE we unconsciously divide them into the associates and the opponent. So our good intentions lead us to a hell.

Is the blogging an escape if the posts go without the comments?


2 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. Interesting question… maybe the better one is if it is an escape if there ARE comments! When I have no comments – and that is most of the time, I have to sense of shipping my images out to a void – an escape? Or banishment? Hmmm…

    I think the problem for at least some of us, or maybe just me – is there is so much wonderful stuff out there that I would like to see and read every day. And of course my time is limited… so I end up not seeing or looking quickly and not writing a comment, or even liking. Not good.

    I do it because it is what I do. Why do you do it? 🙂

    • Thank you for so honest and thoughtful feedback. I too, when have no comments, I have a sense of shipping my images out to a void. That’s why I’m writing- sharing with all what my artworks have taught me and thus meat myself.

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