untitled serenity

digital painting 'Untitled serenity" by Tomas Karkalas 2013

untitled serenity

While going for a loaf of a bread, I am to pass  by a beggar  who always sits at the entrance to my shop. So I am taking love‘s test daily.

I can remove my eyes but can not  silence the gospel “whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it“

Reaching out to members with disabilities need no costly traveling to some exotic place. People in need are always next to u, but the authorities put the national economy above you and me,  sacrificed our emotions to the national security. The government thus littered our souls with the worry for oneself in the world where a theory of the survival of the fittest reigns. Thus Life color all around with the indifference to everything we look at for the sake of… the mud disguises as the high art and laugh at us, but most people are deaf already to the Untitled serenity.

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