Symbolism in the silence

digital photo Portrait of the Silence by Tomas Karkalas 2009-2013

Portrait of the Silence ~Tomas Karkalas 2009-2013

As the foreign news threaten the readers, my photos rest in peace and play hide-and-seek. Each time I browse through the archives, new questions raise up. What are our goals?

Once upon a time there lived people who hide their emotions in the diaries. We keep the journals too, but none of us needs the solitude anymore. Our diaries turned to the blogs where the success of the online journals became dependent on Google’ ratings. The implication is that the market administers the heart now. So what?  The market’ rules pushed God’s guidance down the stairs…  Let‘s see what do we reap now?  A great many of people keep the banners „No to the hackers!“

8 thoughts on “Symbolism in the silence

    • Thank you for the visit and comments. I think that talks about love are the futile activity. It’s our actions that show our love. The artworks testify for that. The pictures either shine with peace or are just the colorful spots.


  1. Hi Tomas, I don’t have an issue with ‘private’ diaries. I think they are an opportunity for self-evaluation. Blogs though are very different as they are ‘public’ and it’s good to share one’s ideas and feelings. The feedback we get is often highly valued.
    I don’t worry about Google ratings, only how I rate myself.
    I enjoy reading your thoughts Tomas, keep up the good work!


    • Thank you for the comment and interesting thoughts. My blogs are my online diaries. They may be named the private, but what does that mean? If we enjoy the inner light, then the Spirit which dwell in us all turn “private” to “our” and the sharing becomes our responsibility. I never thought about the blogs as the tools for self-evaluation. What I am will evaluate the others. I only try to show my love by my actions and the artworks.


  2. I’m trying to figure out what plant/veggie your photo is. It’s delightful when people notice something significant in an object that could simply be ignored. Maybe that’s what we do with blogs, do you think, Tomas?


    • Yes, souldipper. The noticing something significant in an object that could be simply ignored as proves our being awake as gives a sense to our blogs. I would name that as a shift from stressful world to inside- to our spiritual origin which turn the busy strangers to our brothers and sisters when we bow to God and His guidance.


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