meeting a fantasy

graphic Logo of Tomas Karkalas

graphic Logo of Tomas Karkalas

Google gives the information and a wish to quit quicker. But the works of fiction impact on us otherwise – put under a charm with a subtext that constructs as the time machines as everything we want to enjoy the transformational art.

The subtext free us of fear to speak but hides the message and so inspires a search. So let me start my writing.

As mentally ill I have the limited rights. I can‘t drive a car, can‘t be in public life. I can mourn „poor me“ but that didn’t attract. So why not use the imagination? As I closed my eyes the picture changed at once. I visualized myself as the representative of the modern world, not the dependent on my family grace but Mr. Representative. Wow! I seized my diary and inscribed the thought worthy of pondering.

People with the disabilities are needless to this world so they have much time to dream at the window. Is that not a want of  many people in our busy world?  I just jump as I grasped my riches. If I have so much, why not share that with you?

I met a challenge and made my first post on a blog. Yet joy didn’t last for long.  A new day  dawned and the blogging demanded the new post.  The search for a thought of the day made me responsible for the tomorrow, enabled me to grow despite my old age. Everything is possible again.  Is i t not a fantasy?


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