inspirational saying

photo prompt TEST of LOVE

photo prompt TEST of LOVE

As a saying goes, it is so as you say. Yet such affirmations didn’t change neither my case-record nor a sense of well-being. I succeeded only in taking a photo : “Test of Love” This shot is far from technical excellence but it is the  prompt to think more responsibly.

Once upon a time I questioned myself, what would happen if I would make no new artworks more? Would I stop being a man ?  Time came to respond. If my works had any value, it was so not because of my prints but the attitude towards life. I was then and am a christian.

One thought on “inspirational saying

  1. A creative life is a special kind of richness!
    Have you tried photographing your artwork and putting it on your blog? I will come back soon to look through your blog more thoroughly. I need to go to sleep now. Nice to meet you! Hope we can talk again soon. 🙂


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