Approaching a Loner

digital painting Approaching a Loner ~ Tomas Karkalas; Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting Approaching a Loner ~ Tomas Karkalas; Klaipeda, Lithuania

I was going by the bridge when I suddenly look down. The river was full of water and it seemed so vicious – the thick and brown…

The words sacrifice their original meaning for the transformation into the metaphors and so do the visual arts; life illustrations turn to the abstracts to grasp people’s attention. As the words sacrifice their original meaning to grip people‘s attention, the metaphors inhabit  us. While watching the changes, the common pictures turn to the abstract art and divides the artists to visual masters and the writers. Does the clarity increase? We can define the creativity as never-ending search for the right word. So the solitude receives the double assessment. Most people see it as main feature of the saints who need a silence to prayer, to talk with God and therefore bow to it till mentally ill surface in the same diagnosis. The sages benefit from the touch with their soul in silence, but people with the psychiatric disorders meet just a sneer and world‘s ignorance.
The national  economy perceives mentally ill as a burden , despite the lessons they took in their silence. Though the sick like the saints live in touch with their soul but meet only the hardships to announce their insights to the world.
Once I have read „If you  are alone, you have no value“  These words well-defined the being of people with psychiatric disorders and therefore pierced me deeply with the undeserved charge.  Am I a no-good, the worthless?  
I tried to overview the comments we leave on one another posts. The „Whoops!!!“ was most popular, but did it speak a lot? How does „Whoops!!!“ relate to the questions the authors were raising in their writing? Our signatures follow  Whoops!!! and vanish from sight under the impersonal form of our writing. No comments would be more honest response, yet does anybody want the truth? It‘s otherwise. We all dream to receive though the simplest „like“. I am not an exception, but can a little here. I can only try to guess what would be your response. Thank you in advance.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”    (Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov)

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