gratitude knows no past

digital painting Shield of a Smile by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting Shield of a Smile by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

shadows define the light and my gratitude knows no past.
Unfortunately, the modern art galleries orient to profit. That is horrible. While growing I saw the beauty and morality as the highest goals of the fine arts‘ message. I could not then and I can not visualize the history of the creativity as a fight for the cash now too.

The unfair situation tested my belief and so I have found my heart in the hospital for people with the psychiatric disorders. Art therapy looks like the Last Mohican on the current sunset…

4 thoughts on “gratitude knows no past

  1. In my Humble opinion .I have sometimes the feeling Yes ,and than I start to work on a new Painting or drawing and I think yes that is what life is about the ability to create something meaningful and beautiful. Thank you for you kind words.It means a lot to me in these days when you have to realise that your fellow countrymen are not interested in your art and you have to close a blog in your mother language.But on the other side the rest of the world is interested in my Work.


  2. Money Ruins mostly everything nowadays especially when it comes to Art.It is not Important what the Artist is trying to say with his Art .It is just interesting if the Art Object gain Money in the Future.


    • Yes Money ruins but does it mean money rule over us?
      The participation fee closed all doors before me and sat at the window…but I still have my website – the on-line art gallery for a free and your comments are like a sip of fresh air.


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