my lucky day

digital painting Home Town by Tomas Karkalas, klaipeda, Lithuania

Home Town

I bought a lottery ticket. It cost 1$, but I didn’t lose a penny – I win one dollar too. So today became my lucky day: I lost nothing. Was that not a dream?
Thus there are no wonder I didn’t stop buying the lottery tickets – I still have hope to improve my being: to change the sad reality of the living on a disability pension to a sunny today. The lottery is my only way to do that.

“Time is what you have left.. you just march with it and use it the best you can”Frank Stella

6 thoughts on “my lucky day

    • Each season has its own features. When the time to plant is over comes time to reap…when we approach a sick bed, we just must let go all our activities and enjoy “the dependence” on the family grace.
      Relating to the lottery : I was writing in irony mood, but do any read the Haiku (for example) literally?
      Of course, all times are perfect to pray to God’s guidance and thank the Lord for each sunbeam.


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