my story

We all have heard that looking at something and seeing something there are two different things. Yet what does the above mean?

what we see depends on our heart, not on the glasses we wear. Only reflections of available photos depend on the tools available to us.

This shot wasn’t thought in advance. This picture of the heart has happened out of itself. It’s like my own destiny. Contrary to the onion that was used in the kitchen’s pot, I was returned to life after the terrible accident in 1974… therefore I am like these shelling now. Though the long walk on the edge of the death was stopped, my diagnosis wasn’t enjoying.  The doctors put down clearly “unfit for life”…                                        
Though it’s hard to enjoy the above photo, it is impossible not to recognize the shape of the heart there too. Have a look. Do you see a face?

It’s me.

The eyes that are looking at you depict my friendship. The disabled sees the light.

The spiritual healing by the fine arts starts at a moment we recognize ourselves in others 

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