while running after the wandering sunbeam

while running after the wandering sunbeam by Tomas Karkalas

while running after the wandering sunbeam by Tomas Karkalas

I am siting in the kitchen and examining  my work place. The window is open and the daylight flow into inside, remind the words of Richard P. Evans „It is not what we receive but what we give that heals us.“ Therefore I took a pen and open my notebook…so the picture “while running after the wandering sunbeam” have appeared.


The Tasty Fall

digital painting The Tasty Fall by Tomas Karkalas - Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting The Tasty Fall by Tomas Karkalas – Klaipeda, Lithuania

“The error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute for experience, while the error of age is to believe that the experience is a substitute for intelligence.” –Lyman Bryson (1888 – 1959) U.S. educator

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A Hometown Welcome

photo painting "Hometown of the Creativity" by Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

photo painting Hometown of the creativity” by Tomas Karkalas / Lithuania

The everlasting youth just can’t look old despite the fall outside. The picture proves that. The fine arts convince us of everything we just dream about. So let’s create with joy.

“More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.” — Harold J. Smith

the spirit of adventure

digital painting the spirit of adventure by Tomas Karkalas

the spirit of adventure.

Tall tree was growing in my backyard; I was young too, but became a bald at the window. The tree has changed likewise. A stump fits in my eye-shot now.
I and the tree kept eye-to-eye contact for a long but didn’t reach an intimacy because many other windows gazed at us and each looked from its own perspective, so a bad–mouthing colored the sky.
But the confusion didn’t last for a long. Somebody crowed the stump: put a vase of the flowers on it. The stranger’s search for the beauty stopped all misunderstandings and honored us both.
Wow! It is good to live in an apartment house: many people dream in the windows here. The sense of togetherness creates the peace in the thundering town, inflames with the want to create. I joyfully scrape the potatoes for to cook something to eat.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” ~ Aristotle

Images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas

unnamed memory

digital drawing unnamed memory by Tomas Karkalas

unnamed memory

The pictures help omit the needless words in response to the daily news. The artwork unnamed memory jumps straightly to the essence: why did the love to next to us so rarely arises?

“Can we love everybody?” comes in response…but that means we love nobody.

The aged dress their ‚once upon a time‘ suit and drive the time machine to youth. Thus the nostalgia restores them to life and gives them the reason for the existence.

While judging the action we can’t judge a person. That is the obvious too if love dwells in us indeed.

Garden of possibilities

world through painter's eyes

this digital painting may be defined as an abstract art but I prefer it as  an outlook towards the world, the transformational art by  Tomas Karkalas who use his paintbrush as the tool for the meditation. Original size of the picture is 60×80 cm  It would be  good if your comments would take more place than the picture – joke.

art questions

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

This digital painting waked up the play with the words in response to need clarify the picture.  The description was started such way and the text bloomed  with the gratitude for the success in breaking the silence. Therefore the artwork ‘art questions‘ looks like good magician. Yet would my joy to paint last for a long? It would be sad if you would see just a piece of an abstract here.  So the guesswork fill my diary