Kiss of Fate

Kiss of Fate
KISS of FATE by Tomas Karkalas 2010

I  lost the number of pictures I have on a web today.  I know just one:  my blog Art by Tomas received the most  updates recently, yet does that matter any? How many of my visitors browse the archives?
My pictures  differ between in color and mood, yet they all show the same Light that requests  us just a  wish to hear it.

See the  Images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas.


street encounters

It’s comfortable to muse about personal destiny. Streets are full with just magical encounters. Just have a look at the picture below:

My PayPal account (or E-card that would fit to e-business) : that’s a dream… No, I am not complaining. Just look at the artwork on above. There are no passersby. So whom could I address for the help, and would I address any at all?
Its much harder to ask for the support than to give what you have.
Ha, that insight sounds nice as most of my works, yet it is the alike needless (of no profit to any) as my whole being of the workless disabled, who can’t provide neither for oneself, nor his family…

Dark background fits better to the artworks, so your would have better impression of my creativity here… Just click The dependent on the Viewpoint and read the story of art by Tomas on the Challenge of a Street
It may be you will meet me on a web for some time more, yet  as all you know, beauty of the autumn leaves will leave our streets under a snow soon enough. So browse through my archives and enjoy till that is still possible.
Thank you.

transformational art

My artworks may be found everywhere on a web…

Just click on the transformational art , or Fine artworks and modern paintings from Art by Tomas, or … Your visual impression may differ, yet you will receive the same message: what counts indeed is not what was made (or not) by me, but our willingness to welcome others and joy to share  what we have the best with each other. That’s the recognition of  the heavenly lights underfoot that put us on the wings of the gratitude – the flowers that never wither down, but always refresh and inspire us with courage to live now and here

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