mystery of a close-up

as we take a close-up, even the simple shot becomes the mysterious picture, the documentary evidence reminds the fairy tales then. The real miracle happens at a close-up: we rcognize our day-to-day being in the colors of the fantasy.

beauty and life

I like this photo more than any other, because these flowers weren’t created by my fantasy, but gifted to me. Therefore this shot represents not my own creativity, but the love that guards us from the harsh winds of life – from the pride for our own self and the sorrow for the killing sense of the loneliness ultimately. Thus the flowers you see in the picture bear witness to freedom from any worry for being – the miracle that was experienced by me at my birthday party.

Discovery of oneself in overview of my pictures

Last Word
transmutations of fortune
Wow Two

The resolution to not complain influenced my vocabulary greatly, put beauty to my daily visits to the doctors.
My smile may look a bit ridiculous at a moment (I am in a hospital), yet it is worthy the sharing more than the concrete details of the accident. Consequently you see some pictures above… while I am in need of rest, let my archives talk.

flowers on a road

This picture was painted in response to Mother Maitris’ post Have you created a space where Angels can multiply? Or, creating a space where healing can occur … Just click on the title above.

wordless reproach of a stump from underfoot

please click on the image for the full size

While dreaming over the picture people are used to muse about the timeless values, meanwhile the craftsmen are concerned with the sale. Is there any wonder for the world approaches the economic crisis?

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