“Butterfly in the Plaster” is learning to talk

Butterfly is learning to speak

“how much it costs”? was ranging in my ear as I traveled around the city. This uproar stopped only when I reached home.
In other words, God has used my path to study my heart.

Road condition affects traffic, but the direction of our movement is determined not by the technical condition of the road surface but by the spirituality of the person.

When I named what I saw, I realized what I really wanted.
The blind man followed Jesus for a long time, but Christ opened his eyes only after the blind man had asked the Lord Himself.
God knows our dreams and He will give everything, but we must ask for it ourselves.
Now, looking out the window, I am fascinated by the street I had passed. It didn’t bother me anymore because I realized the secret I was meant to comprehend.

Dear God, I ask for Your help to see the true light of life in the darkness of our ambiguous day, and please help me write down these visions clearly in order what is poetry about could become the tangible , would get the flesh and blood, in order to reflect the true beauty of Your Word.

Here is the DVD of my pictures

The most beneficial activity

Typically, the words come out as of itself at the meeting of friends. However, the reports of these chats rarely inspire the passersby. What makes the openness the noise? Why does the sages’s dreams about the community of thoughts and feelings became the wish for secure shelter?
While searching for the answer, I have found the writing in the foreign language the most beneficial thing I could take as a shield to protect my eyes from my thoughts. Just think. While writing in English (in the language I dont hear on my daily walk) I must open the dictionary prior saying a single word. What could be more profitable than questioning what’s this? Wow, my surroundings appear in the new light now. The search for the name of what lay’s underfoot throws down the masks, and what was used to disguise as the dust uplifts my eyes. Could you imagine yourself meditating on what could the word oak mean?
Joy of discovering the essentials becomes the daily bread as I try to talk in the language I dont hear in daily conversations.

at the edge

Overview of the history

Traffic light marks the crossroad and the picture revives the fairy-tales. The heroes hadn’t such prompter then, right? Or am I wrong in such thinking? The Safety of the traveling enjoys but it doesn’t head to any discoveries and leaves us without the passionate followers.

While the mediocrity attracts with its chatter, the prominent sculptures of the famous carry just respectful silence of the admirers. The history urges on choosing what we want in the concrete. Are we ready to pay – to accept the talking with walls as a cost of our trip to light?

Modern traffic light didn’t shadow the need of the heavenly guidance and the history testifies that nothing changes under the sun.

The overview is short to read but too long to retell…Could you help me with the task?

thinking aloud

It was hard to believe, but the look at a calendar persuaded me that I was a lucky climber indeed. I was on the pinnacle of long-long line of memorable dates in my life. I was standing on the roof, and totally everything was lying underfoot. Wow, just have a look. Click on the DVD of my artwork. The dream became the reality.

let’s get up!

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ABC’s of life

The random shot was the best mirror. I have questioned myself , what for are my questions?