the awash with pease chump

… yet hope remain till now, because the mask of irony (self-protection from the loneliness) can be throw down.The artwork welcomes you. The above picture smiles: we still may come into a hug .
I will greatly appreciate all your comments.

let love blossom out

While browsing the web I was caught by this wonderful button. As I read the text, the hot wow! came out as if of itself. Harriet declared February the Blog Luv Month.
Cloudy sky threatens many today, yet Harriet shows a way out of current mess. Let’s spread the Blog Luv by leaving the positive comments on one other posts. That’s only way to heal ourselves from a fear to look at a mirror. All clouds will disappear as we welcome one other. The gratitude will make the sick the giants.
Thank you, dear Harriet. I was honored by your address. I hope all my readers too will find a key to peace by clicking on a link I am Harriet