light’s gate

Tomas Karkalas' photo
disability indicated a dead end but love broke through the walls of me

This photo as if expresses an overview of my life. If one would look at me the picture may look dark . I’m the disabler. Nevertheless, I rejoice over the sun outside because my family cared for me and enabled me to paint.

my life is full of exciting events, I would be happy if they were an example to someone.

Chinese proverbs teach, “Many complain about their appearance, but no one complains of reason,” “Great graces come from heaven, and small ones come from man.”
In support of these thoughts, I say:

  • Lightning strikes only a tall tree. So why do shrubs tremble on the ground?

stary-eyed musing awakes the sentiments to water the natural flowers

while browsing my archives, I was stopped by this old photo. I think you will agree with me too, the pick looks expressively indeed, yet it is just a simple close-up at a billet that was taken while visiting my father-in- law… It went up in smoke through the chimney already. That was in days of yore, so to speak, and there is nothing to mourn for that. The central heating serves the town-dwellers better than a billet in a romantic-looking  furnace. Nonetheless this photo gave a good shake to me. I reminded the warmth of a tree – the warmth that warmed my heart then. Meanwhile while touching my modern-day heater,  I receive just the knowledge about the temperature that awakes hard musing about the cost of the home comforts.

The chump disguise as a watercolor and does that fine enough, yet  does that mastery makes the image the fine art we all rejoice at? The question looks worthy of pondering deeper, yet can human mind change though a bit to improve current morality?

my home value

While blogging I have found the words that define as my current mood, as the artwork. I have read “Nobody can mock me better than I mock myself but I dare you to try”. Wow, I put in bold that verse. My hearty thanks for the wonderful title to my last picture, dear Bee. My home value was defined yet cost of the beauty was too high…

When I was returned to life after the crash of my headbones, I did nothing, yet I was welcomed like hero… You can see my current face in the above picture. This artwork portrays the space without any details. That’s like my musings – the musings without any application…. So to speak, I fit just for the hospital and I am going there on Monday. I will stay in the hospital aproximately for a month, yet I would’t loose access to my computer. Though the medicine will harden my writings, but I will try not to stop my blogging.

speechless cry

While talking about universal peace, it seems everything is so clear. We need just to recognize ourselves in others and to act accordingly. While looking at a flower (or the pavement brick- at anything at hand) it is just hard not to see the widely opened eyes of oneself. These discoveries comforts and supports, the peace guides me by replacing all the questions into the firm trust in God’s care for us and His incredible love. That’s fine in spite of the fact that my eyes rarely shine. While feeling myself as the grateful giant, I am to rest in sick body of the disabled… though it is easy to explain the cause of my jobless-ness and the consequent financial impotence, yet it is so hard to admit that I need to beg for the things (for example, the computer and its maintenance) that are just obligatory for the sharing of my pictures … for a free.
Though I have arranged lots of exhibitions already and received lots of wonderful feedbacks, my artworks didn’t earn a penny to me – I collected just the huge dept, thus I question myself, what’s the cost of beauty? Have I the right to talk about the benefits of the positive thinking and the alike matters?
I know just one – I have no right to live silently. My head bones were broken in 1974 and I walked on the edge of the death, but the miracle happened – I was returned to life. Though I am very sick, yet I have no outward signs of any disability. In other words I just must to share my gratitude with all on my road.
Thank you for your help to do that, to fulfill my mission. Your hearty feedbacks help me to forget my limitations and to participate in life fiesta – to glorify God for His help to stay alive till now.

cost of beauty is the need of the titles

 We are used to say pictures are worthy thousand words. They talk out of themselves indeed, yet the words are needed too. They are the cost of the beauty we enjoy at. The titles we give define not the reality we face, but our personal being here and now. In the light of the above my shot “image needs the title” as if search for light in our words and reports the thundering silence.
Do you remind my picture “Time to blossom“? It has the same message. The flowers (our spirit) blossom out despite the most inappropriate environment, however, do we recognize the above? How many times I stumbled here by replacing my awe with the complaints for what I have not? 
The pictures talk and challenge – fuel the gratitude for being alive.

Tulip’s story

This is the picture – the digital painting. I had a good time while drawing it, and thus the wonderful mask was created. Just think. I escaped the need of apology for my silence – the palette talks out of itself : the picture depicts my ambiguos situation colorfuly – it promotes the positive attitude towards the life.

Cost of the Beauty

While talking about the fine arts, we shift away from the countless sketches to the timeless values. Meanwhile the sketches reveal the cost of these masterpieces… The artists typically silence that. It’s easy to explain such behavior. Plus the “humbleness” is the nice feature, yet let me to break this polite rule of the art showrooms now. What you see on above is just a sketch, so to speak, the burgeon that will burst into blossom one day… maybe. At a moment we can just to guess what will be framed and hung on a wall one day, yet the approximate cost is already clear.
See a story below.
We were driving home… so to speak, while my wife was driving, I was taking the photos. So my flash gave her trouble, made the driving hard, yet there was no hint of impatience in her face. While looking at my blurred shot now, I just can’t not to think either my arts are worthy wife’s patients – our whole life. While examining the sketch, I clearly see how near we were the crash. I recognize a hint to some face that looks at me. Whose is this? What was the message?

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