The caught glimpse was what inspired me this Monday

If you are reading this, it means my writing aren’t lost, and the thoughts jumped not in vain . Thank You.  Are you part of this picture?

digital painting THE CAUGHT GLIMPSE  by Tomas Karkalas; Klaipeda,Lithuania

THE CAUGHT GLIMPSE by Tomas Karkalas; Lithuania

I was walking down a street, the narrow old town street. High walls surrounded me. Was I imprisoned by my town? Or the stone creations were there to teach me somewhat? I looked around, and the blade of grass underfoot pierced me with its green glance. Wow , I sat back in an awe and thus became the blind – the single blade of the grass caught my eye and the heart and thus shadowed the entrance door to the joyful garden under the wall.

“Reason can answer questions, but imagination has to ask them.”
— Ralph Gerard

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transformational art of Tomas Karkalas

digital sketch "musings on light"

digital sketch “musings on light”

“Truth is multi-dimensional; it depends on the perspective you view from.” ~ Peter Shepherd

People glorify the freedom all over the world. All respect the authorities but the announcement „empty pocket“ means contrary things in different countries.

Great amount of wisdom quotes make wise appearance come easy to many people but only our actions fire up the beacons of the quotes. Thus the artists love the candlelight. Click and listen to the audio on transformational art of Tomas Karkalas

digital painting "Once upon a time" ~ Tomas Karkalas

once upon a time

Thought of the day

To boast is ugly, but to say “I know everything” is much worse because such thinking kills our gratitude to God for everything we have

Gratitude rules our spiritual life

most Honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art
the most honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art


When a car splashes with puddle while passing by you, there is nothing to boast of, however, people are used to applaud when somebody depicts that situation artistically… The dirty puddle becomes the sweet picture then.
Wow, are the artists not the magicians?
The creativity makes the disasters the cultural values, and thus the entrance to the art showrooms becomes a costly pleasure.

It always fine to hear “Have a great day!”, but do I need to taste the puddle prior to relish cultural meals?
While I loudly wondered how to deal with the fabulous cost of artistic materials, the unknown passerby silently picked up the litter from a road and passed by me. Which of us was the artist?

outlook on what’s under the feet

The colors may look dark,  yet there is no gloomy light, because
It is our own interpretation that color the truth with the ambiguity

Let me end that picture  with the quotation …

on the other hand,  have I the right to hide under the quote?

It would be so easy to do , but would it be the honest?

While hearing “this is a quote”, we are used to accept the statement as the truth that’s above any discussions.  Meanwhile my “quote” is just a way I see the world – that’s like my dream that thirst  for your direct response:

“Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word”

Lets awake! Arts Colors are not the promotion of paints, but the revelation of the artist’s  heart.  Our pictures mirror our spirituality

the fine arts versus reality

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas