The trees know my thoughts, but do you know them too?

photo painting "The trees know, but do you know? bu Tpmas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania
The trees know my thoughts, but do you know them too?

Trees read thoughts,
The trees comfort me,
but I appeal to you.
Silence obscures the truth

my response

Freedom is never free; it is always bought with blood.O.S. Hawkins.

Retrieved wonder

How to smile…that would be good for my readers because it was good for me.

I am going to tell how to smile, how to retrieve the wonder. That would be good for my readers because it was good for me. You need just not worry over being wise. All you need is just walk outside  and look around… I thus sit back in an awe. That‘s how I‘m painting – just dive into the palette and stop knowing what would happen further. Now let‘s look together at what have happened.

Retrieved Wonder ~ digital painting by Tomas Karkalas
Retrieved Wonder ~ digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

The drawings I had made once illustrate today‘s readings and breathe in as an awe as the gratitude: the quotes as prove my titles as expand their meaning – make the words we use into the playground creations. Yet there is a trap. If an artist enjoys own creations he loses time on a road and the wonders end on his path. Being the artist means walking on the edge. What‘s on your mind?

art questions

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

This digital painting waked up the play with the words in response to need clarify the picture.  The description was started such way and the text bloomed  with the gratitude for the success in breaking the silence. Therefore the artwork ‘art questions‘ looks like good magician. Yet would my joy to paint last for a long? It would be sad if you would see just a piece of an abstract here.  So the guesswork fill my diary

breakthrough to dreamland

art by Tomas Karkalas
lullaby under the bark

visual arts transform familiar landscapes into the awakening symbols. The metaphors pierce into the heart and make the dreamland into the practice of daily walk. So I saw a tree and opened my sketchbook – the breakthrough the bark into the homeland of lullabies was thus enabled in art by Tomas. The digital painting expressed my longings.  Hope it will comfort you too.  You might also like my  Mother Bee and  mosquito on life aesthetics by Tomas Karkalas

meditation in color by Tomas Karkalas

The spiritual healing by the fine arts starts with the recognition of oneself in other

You might also like my other artworks too. See transformational art by Tomas Karkalas. And browse the archives of my blogs. The new picture starts almost each my post there. I hope you will enjoy my meditation in color.


The picture below is one of my first digital works. However, does “old” mean “worthless”?

Art & Spirituality … once upon a time, there were hot discussion. “To be or not to be’ occupied hero’s mind once upon a time but the morals gave themselves up to the ‘Business plans” …

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