tale of purity

purity disguised as a weed, yet I like it, because these flowers never wither, but comforts with awesome pictures once we learn to recognize the personal dreams in the eyes  of other. Colors talk in case we want to listen. See flames of memory… for the dicovery of…oneself.

flowers on a road

This picture was painted in response to Mother Maitris’ post Have you created a space where Angels can multiply? Or, creating a space where healing can occur … Just click on the title above.

urban sunset gives birth to the dawn

It was fine indeed to color the photo. The simple shot became the thought provoking picture that urged me to start new blog Discovery of oneself in the fine arts.

While the art colors just catch the eye, the recognition of oneself in other makes the real miracle of the fine arts, gives a meaning to the handmade surfaces by transforming the spectators into the best buddies. The financial worries for self end in joyful fellowship of the winners, who while watching the art canvases succeeded to recognize the wonderland underfoot.

Let me invite you to join us in these adventures.

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round trip

More I looked at my shot on the above, more the photo talked to me, the close-up of what was underfoot depicted the whole universe.

The places we never had seen before seduce us into the adventures. So we take long trips and involve in the passionate shooting.
While looking at thus gathered my exotica, I sat back into awe towards the incredible discovery in the prior never seen pictures: the close-up clearly portrait…I recognized myself (!) in the building bricks of the mysterious panorama.
Do you recall a saying, “we are what we look at“?

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