Soundlessness is not the peace

The fight for the Freedom of the Press has not yet freed a man from dependence on the Google search engine – people still have a slight desire to understand each other in an effort to be heard.

Gratitude for daily bread makes our lives.

shaking the hands

hope my artworks will help you to run up my „stairs“ to the world where the gratitude rules and transforms hard questions to the relax.

photo "identification card" ~ Tomas Karkalas
identification card ~ Tomas Karkalas

sitting by the window became my day, but I didn’t stop talking , because I dipped the paintbrush into art paint. This is how I discovered the world outside the window, within myself.

The same Spirit rests in all of us, and we hurt her if we name one who is next to us as the unknown passerby.

My pictures are the stairs to the world where the gratitude rules and transforms hard questions into the relax.


Retrieved wonder

How to smile…that would be good for my readers because it was good for me.

I am going to tell how to smile, how to retrieve the wonder. That would be good for my readers because it was good for me. You need just not worry over being wise. All you need is just walk outside  and look around… I thus sit back in an awe. That‘s how I‘m painting – just dive into the palette and stop knowing what would happen further. Now let‘s look together at what have happened.

Retrieved Wonder ~ digital painting by Tomas Karkalas
Retrieved Wonder ~ digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

The drawings I had made once illustrate today‘s readings and breathe in as an awe as the gratitude: the quotes as prove my titles as expand their meaning – make the words we use into the playground creations. Yet there is a trap. If an artist enjoys own creations he loses time on a road and the wonders end on his path. Being the artist means walking on the edge. What‘s on your mind?

autumn brushup

I have read a lot  about a need of setting the goals for oneself to move forward and not to stumble on the complaints for sad personal destiny. We all hear the alike musing daily, isn’t it? So what was done by me in the concrete? 
I see  the creativity as the footprint of human gratitude. Let me explain that a bit wider. My words didn’t create anything new, but reveal  what shine inside of me. That experience gives birth to the desire to follow the Light – to share Her with each on my path and thus the creativity becomes the footprint. My six blogs are my steps on a web. So to speak, my hands are not empty. I thought so till the harvest time arrived to me. I was asked not about what I have but what comments I am receiving.
Thus I looked underfoot and the fallen leaves became the portraits that wanted to talk.

autumn brushup in my art mirror invite you to Child for Life. Have a look and please speak your mind.
Thank you

miracle of breakthrough the artwork to oneself

 The above photos may look downbeat  at first glimpse, yet the flat surface of the pictures will make you  open your eyes with just incredible depth at a moment you recognize the symbolism of these images. The pictures look prosy until we examine them as some handicrafts and label according to the applied technique. Therefore there is no wonder for current world just threatens the observer with the freezing cold. Yet just the miracles happen time from time, when the beholder succeed in breakthrough  the surface of artwork to ONESELF, when he is sat back in awe by the personal reminiscence that fire up everything around, when the awakened dreams color the dust of life by transforming the competition for survival into the gratitude for being alive…
The artworks  knock on the heart and the visual stories work like real magical wands.  The titles try to explain that mystery, and the art critics typically succeed to make everything clear …So just the diaries of the artists rehabilitate the mystery of the life/ the refreshing beauty of our awe towards the always wondrous light… on the temporally dark my path – read here … 
Thank you in advance.

speechless cry

While talking about universal peace, it seems everything is so clear. We need just to recognize ourselves in others and to act accordingly. While looking at a flower (or the pavement brick- at anything at hand) it is just hard not to see the widely opened eyes of oneself. These discoveries comforts and supports, the peace guides me by replacing all the questions into the firm trust in God’s care for us and His incredible love. That’s fine in spite of the fact that my eyes rarely shine. While feeling myself as the grateful giant, I am to rest in sick body of the disabled… though it is easy to explain the cause of my jobless-ness and the consequent financial impotence, yet it is so hard to admit that I need to beg for the things (for example, the computer and its maintenance) that are just obligatory for the sharing of my pictures … for a free.
Though I have arranged lots of exhibitions already and received lots of wonderful feedbacks, my artworks didn’t earn a penny to me – I collected just the huge dept, thus I question myself, what’s the cost of beauty? Have I the right to talk about the benefits of the positive thinking and the alike matters?
I know just one – I have no right to live silently. My head bones were broken in 1974 and I walked on the edge of the death, but the miracle happened – I was returned to life. Though I am very sick, yet I have no outward signs of any disability. In other words I just must to share my gratitude with all on my road.
Thank you for your help to do that, to fulfill my mission. Your hearty feedbacks help me to forget my limitations and to participate in life fiesta – to glorify God for His help to stay alive till now.

wings of the gratitude

I stopped and my eyes were dropped on a sidewalk (please click on the above image for the full size). That happened unexpectedly (unconsciously) but it was worthy indeed the deeper examination. The picture looked like a dirty puddle, but it was so just at a first glimpse. Though it would be easy to recognize my helplessness in the disabler’s gazing underfoot, yet the nose of the dependent on the family was
suddenly raised up. A smile inhabited my eyes anew. I wasn’t left alone and my low shoes were not wet, but otherwise – hundreds of faces were joyfully looking at me from the picture – the recognition of myself in others as comforted as supported me. The listening to the inside whispers opened my eyes, made me well motivated to share the discovered good news with all on my road. Thus I blossomed out with the hearty thank you, dear God, for the awakening.

Thank you, my dear Top Etrecard droppers, thank you dear fellows from all blogging platforms. Your presence heals me from all my fears and puts on the wings of the gratitude – just miraculously changes the reality I am to face.

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My feed showed just five address, yet this list should go endlessly. I would like to thank
Alexander M Zoltai , Amritbir Kaur , kml , The Photographic Aspect … and many-many others too.
to all of you.

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