the spirit of adventure

digital painting the spirit of adventure by Tomas Karkalas

the spirit of adventure.

Tall tree was growing in my backyard; I was young too, but became a bald at the window. The tree has changed likewise. A stump fits in my eye-shot now.
I and the tree kept eye-to-eye contact for a long but didn’t reach an intimacy because many other windows gazed at us and each looked from its own perspective, so a bad–mouthing colored the sky.
But the confusion didn’t last for a long. Somebody crowed the stump: put a vase of the flowers on it. The stranger’s search for the beauty stopped all misunderstandings and honored us both.
Wow! It is good to live in an apartment house: many people dream in the windows here. The sense of togetherness creates the peace in the thundering town, inflames with the want to create. I joyfully scrape the potatoes for to cook something to eat.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” ~ Aristotle

Images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas


peace of the whitehaired

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania 2010 80x60 cm

peace of the white-haired by Tomas Karkalas

This picture is one of two artworks that represent me in the international exhibition of watercolor artists. The exhibition goes in Klaipeda, Lithuania.  For more details see the post the fine art run a test on being in public life.

a sip of fresh air

While looking at a picture, people are used to talk about the artwork, yet I will talk about living here and now.

The picture on above differs from art images there or there, yet they all have the same message. The light just blinds when I close my eyes.

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speechless cry

While talking about universal peace, it seems everything is so clear. We need just to recognize ourselves in others and to act accordingly. While looking at a flower (or the pavement brick- at anything at hand) it is just hard not to see the widely opened eyes of oneself. These discoveries comforts and supports, the peace guides me by replacing all the questions into the firm trust in God’s care for us and His incredible love. That’s fine in spite of the fact that my eyes rarely shine. While feeling myself as the grateful giant, I am to rest in sick body of the disabled… though it is easy to explain the cause of my jobless-ness and the consequent financial impotence, yet it is so hard to admit that I need to beg for the things (for example, the computer and its maintenance) that are just obligatory for the sharing of my pictures … for a free.
Though I have arranged lots of exhibitions already and received lots of wonderful feedbacks, my artworks didn’t earn a penny to me – I collected just the huge dept, thus I question myself, what’s the cost of beauty? Have I the right to talk about the benefits of the positive thinking and the alike matters?
I know just one – I have no right to live silently. My head bones were broken in 1974 and I walked on the edge of the death, but the miracle happened – I was returned to life. Though I am very sick, yet I have no outward signs of any disability. In other words I just must to share my gratitude with all on my road.
Thank you for your help to do that, to fulfill my mission. Your hearty feedbacks help me to forget my limitations and to participate in life fiesta – to glorify God for His help to stay alive till now.

in company with myself

in company with myself, the image by the road was the best comforter… I recollected we were to be, and I am indeed.

Time to blossom

It is time to blossom out, thus my digitals sparkle with color. Spring changes the pavement bricks from underfoot into the dream garden...

How much is the love?

the word is that there is no rose without a thorn… thus it’s no wonder man-made flowers were invented by the civilization.
The artificial beauty never wither away, yet it never smells too… Thus only aroma is the question, how much is love?