Butterfly in the Plaster learns to talk

While I was wandering around my town, “how much is it?” was the typical talk of a street, but that buzz has silenced at a moment I have reached my home. I see just mysterious patterns of the light while I looking through the window. They are so captivating.
Does anything changed?
The state of the paving impacts road traffic, but our spirituality doesn’t depend on the earthly conditions.
Wow, that’s the dream of the word of the mouth that stumbles on the renaming what we see according to our involvement in the specifics of our activity.

Do the synonyms decorate our talk or distort the truth? What is the beauty? Why do the poets put their message between the lines?

The freedom makes us dependent on our own interpretations, and our choice becomes our life.

Here is the DVD of my pictures


The most beneficial activity

Typically, the words come out as of itself at the meeting of friends. However, the reports of these chats rarely inspire the passersby. What makes the openness the noise? Why does the sages’s dreams about the community of thoughts and feelings became the wish for secure shelter?
While searching for the answer, I have found the writing in the foreign language the most beneficial thing I could take as a shield to protect my eyes from my thoughts. Just think. While writing in English (in the language I dont hear on my daily walk) I must open the dictionary prior saying a single word. What could be more profitable than questioning what’s this? Wow, my surroundings appear in the new light now. The search for the name of what lay’s underfoot throws down the masks, and what was used to disguise as the dust uplifts my eyes. Could you imagine yourself meditating on what could the word oak mean?
Joy of discovering the essentials becomes the daily bread as I try to talk in the language I dont hear in daily conversations.

The secret of my many locations on a web

The spirituality of the response is the story I have put on my blog Candleday. The title sounds challenging, but there is nothing to fear – the red spots on the wall that you will discover will be mine.

You may be surprised, how does all above relate to the concrete post? Where is the secret?
That’s the obvious. While writing on my other blogs, I have no time to look for the feedback I am receiving, and thus I escape the destructive impact of “no comments”

Thank you

I know snow is white, but it isn’t so by the road… However, snow reflects the heaven lights and your comments do alike, transform my reality.

here we are

“A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.”
Nikos Kazantzakis, Cretan author and philosopher, 1883 – 1957

hiding in a shot

even the dirt look nice … when snow cover him. Then everything becomes white and high discussions on “the Art&the world” leave the stage to the personalities-to you

miracle of the love

We all have heard a story “7 Wonders of the World” steen thousand times.
However, let’s look at it once more.
The miracle is not a success to master something extraordinary, but the human capacities to see, to hear, to touch, to taste, to feel, to laugh and to love.
In other words, the miracles differ between judging by appearances, but our spirit blossoms the same as at near Egypt’s Great Pyramids so in St. Peter;s Basilica or on China’s Great Wall.
The failure to discern that produces a mess and puts us in despair. That’s why there are just 7 Wonders, while they should be recognized in every single our step