in company with myself

in company with myself, the image by the road was the best comforter… I recollected we were to be, and I am indeed.

magical transformations

As I saw this, the shot was taken and I entitled it Feelings versus View. The picture recalled my youth: the emotions that were burning inside and the reality of life greatly differed between then….
The unlovely pictures vanished from site immediately as I learned that what irritated me was just my own weakness to see beyond the physical shapes of things I touch. Therefore I try not to complain for the empty ground underfoot, but enjoy the gardening now. So the flowers blossomed out inside of me, and my headaches put me on the wings of the gratitude for remaining alive till now.

What you see below is what was found by me on a windowsill of art therapy class. These lovely creations were made by the patients from the hospital for the people with the psychiatric disorders. It’s hard to trust, yet that is Modus Vivendi indeed. I blossom out myself as I talk about this wonderful club. One of my blogs was dedicated to them. So you are welcomed to Modus Vivendi. Just click on a link above and see for yourself.

ability to pay versus dreams

We all have heard that looking at smth and seeing though any are two different things. Yet what does the above mean? How does it relate to me in the concrete?
I looked for help at art history. Wow, it was hard even to count all masterpieces in the storehouse of the fine arts! What to talk about the innumerable theories about the creating of the artistic shapes with the help of the light… Thus my spectacles were of little help to me. While the spirit voiced the picture, I needed a physical camera to make a shot. What I saw depended exclusively on my attitude of mind that led me into the spiritual realm, where each spot seated me back into awe. Unfortunately, though my attitude of mind helped me to unlock the secret of the beauty, but it was unfit for making a report. I needed a camera to make a shot. In other words, while what we see depend on our heart, the quality of the pictures we make depends on the tools we have. So I was returned to the earth where all things had their cost that high exceeded my empty purse…

My tears were dried- the onion was used for the evening meal. Just the shelling remains now. Wow, do you see? This picture of the heart wasn’t thought in advance. This picture have happened out of itself -it’s like my own destiny. Contrary to the onion, I was returned to life after the terrible accident in 1974… I am like these shelling now. Though the long walk on the edge of the death was stopped, but my diagnosis didn’t enjoy. The doctors put down clearly “unfit for life”…
It’s hard to enjoy the above photo because of its low quality. But is it possible not to recognize the shape of the heart here? Have a look once again. Do you see a face? It’s me. The eyes that are looking at you depict my friendship with the forced silence. The disabled sees the light, but have no power to share his insights. I need your support but can I ask you for help?

My correct mailing address is
Tomas Karkalas
Liepu 25-31
Klaipeda 92139

Thank you. I am eagerly looking forward for your reply- for any kind of support you can allow yourself to gift to the needy.