Art of Butterfly in Plaster

art of digital painting by Tonas Karkalas

I paint and that means I communicate with you. The artworks are like my breathing.  It may be heavy, but may uplift the soul too. Your comments edit my colors, and the feedbacks compose  next pictures. My nickname  Butterfly in Plaster portrays as what’s inside of me as beyond the exposition – pictorially talks what for is the creative work  of Tomas Karkalas

Discovery of self in vanishing

discovery of self in vanishing


The artworks  guard me from the verbosity.  That’s why I love the symbolism of colors. I hide myself under the titles of my pictures. Do you want to join, to play hide-and-seek?

Light reveals the shadows for they could reflect the light

I hope that many of you reminded my first post Welcome To My Art Mirror while reading yesterday’s information, and thus the A mystery of a close-up helped you to see clearer my dreaming over a cup of coffee (to understand the “flowers” of the opening picture of this blog a bit better).The painting below certifies the difference between what we see and look at once again. Thus I titled my current picture “Light reveals the shadows for they could reflect the light”

Transformational art makes us all the heroes by leading the viewers from the art showroom into a street. These pictures enable the viewers to listen at the talk of art colors and to hear them.

colors talk

While colors were talking, I was browsing my Lithuanian-English dictionary for the appropriate words… I enjoyed my meditation in color, yet have I the right to ink the sacred silence? By the way, that was done once already. Have a look at the DVD of artworks- see for yourself my Butterfly in the Plaster.

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