while running after the wandering sunbeam

while running after the wandering sunbeam by Tomas Karkalas
while running after the wandering sunbeam by Tomas Karkalas

I am siting in the kitchen and examining  my work place. The window is open and the daylight flow into inside, remind the words of Richard P. Evans „It is not what we receive but what we give that heals us.“ Therefore I took a pen and open my notebook…so the picture “while running after the wandering sunbeam” have appeared.

meeting a fantasy

The search for a thought of the day made me responsible for the tomorrow.

Tomas Karkalas / 1984 / cartoon


The need to update old records makes me look at life a little more closely. Writing in this way makes me grow despite old age. What could be better?
Seeing a picture means hearing its colors. They combine our problems with spiritual values and thus embody the latter and solve all human puzzles.

A saying goes Photos are speaking. I found out that when I saw my WordPress.com blog. The “Arthiker” means the hiker through the art and life of Tomas Karkalas.


storage cell

memory flames prove the presence of what moved me forward once upon a time. The pictures reveal the beauty of the colors of life and thus hide the complaints of the jobless disabled. My artworks are my road stick – even the random sketches support me greatly. The drawing help me to escape self-pity by bowing to fate through the conscious appreciation of the beauty of life that was not created by us but gifted to us for a free by God.

The pictures above reminded to me my other post Beauty of Life. The photo looks differently there, yet its message remains the same. The flowers of the field blossom out for us all when we water them with the gratitude, but wither down as we nip the rings off to put them into the vazes for to enjoy that magical fregnance privately.

ongoing miracle of life

While viewing the picture, I was reminded about the ongoing metamorphosis in our life, and it was not some speculation but the truth, because I examined not a shot, but swept my whole life.
Such approach enabled me to experience the real miracle. The unrepresentable view warmed my heart. Wow, this metamorphosis occurred so unexpectedly! While looking underfoot, I recognized the ages that were looking at me. Thus I was humbled and comforted. The picture helped me to turn aside from temporal problems – to exchange my worries for the gratitude for being alive. My eyes blossomed out with the smile. The above was even hard to trust. The disabled didn’t mourn for help, but started to dance. The real miracles happen when we look at the life through the eyes of faith. Just think.


need gardens for the gratitude could blossom

While I was looking through the window, my lips suddenly blossomed out ‘Hi!’.

While welcoming others, we become free from all our questions and enter into the wonderland of God’s love. The depth of the steps we leave in life is defined by our love of others.

I need you for the rejoicing over my colors that squirt out from the fellowship of the buddies at a moment we share our heartily Hi with each other.
I need your help in overcoming the sense of needlessness. The artworks wither like the flowers in the loneliness. I need You for the authorization of my thank you.

Help me please to spread forth the light that makes my pallet.
Help me by coming to my blogs and bringing all your friends here. I need you for making thank you for the reality of my daily walk.
Thank you

This is my daily walk navigating by the eternities in the modern world. My digital pictures, visual thoughts and sound words help locate me in the history of art by transforming the complaints into a play of irony.

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