Soundlessness is not the peace

The fight for the Freedom of the Press has not yet freed a man from dependence on the Google search engine – people still have a slight desire to understand each other in an effort to be heard.

Gratitude for daily bread makes our lives.

secret of the attraction

This photo depicts as my most precious view, as the secret of the attraction- the magical power of our attitude towards day-to-day life.

At a glimpse the image above looks like the obvious contradiction to what was announced, isn’t it? Yet dont hurry to judge. I took this shot while approaching the door of…my mother.
I hope many have grasped me right now. Thank you.
Each of us saw hundreds of beautiful postcards already, yet did any of you know more desirable place to visit than the homeland?

I named the picture on above “By the road to oneself”  This artwork didn’t depict my town ( had nothing to report to the tourist) yet knocked on my heart by awakening the memory of my begginings… Style of our clothes can just to please the eyes (or not), meanwhile what burns under a coat warm the heart and inspires a smile. So let me share her with you now. Let me bow to God’s Spirit that indwells in each of us and head us all to our heavenly home.
Thank you for your patience with my metaphors. Our scripts differ greatly between, yet the diaries depict the same longings, isn’t it?
That’s the transformational art. The recognition of oneself in other or the secret of the light.

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