the slob didn’t inspire the desire to rejoice at the wonders of my environment, thus I reminded the photo I put on my blog dayfly

The same picture looks differently here. That’s no wonder – our impression depends not on what we see in the concrete, but on a color of the background of the picture (the design of the framing) and the alike technicalities… Wow, is not that symbolical? At a moment, my photos are just the shots. The content will be written by you. Thus my works will be marked either as the artworks, or sent to the trash. That will be right in both cases. The whiteness underfoot represents the wet dirt , yet the same whiteness may depict the desirable purity – serenity… Thus what does the above ambiguity mean?
white sheet of paper is a sheet without any text – the useless sheet. Does that mean that the sound phrases are better than silent humility? What do you think?

Yes, there is a way to escape a need to choose anything too. You can just click on some other link … on WOW! , for example.

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