a talk with the heart

photo of Tomas Karkalas  talk with the heart
a talk with the heart

The heart speaks in the stones of a cobble. There is no such thing as the loneliness. Just look underfoot. Multitude of portraits disguise as the scattered stones. If you wish to read their story, click on what next? please.

What next?

photo "what next?" by Tomas Karkalas

photo “what next?” by Tomas Karkalas

The artists are free despite the situation they live in because the fine arts are not costly things but personal attitude towards eternity.


photo Endurance by Tomas Karkalas



Old-age Spring

Reading always puts me under a charm. Each verse give birth to a question – any word growths up a mystery, and each single letter may hide either a key, or the trap in case we dare to try to translate any phrase literally. Just think, the question “what next?” compose my whole day since the ABC-book was opened. That has happened at my fifth anniversary, yet nothing changed since then. As I was 5 years of age, my beloved storybooks transformed my room into the dreamland, and I inflamed with desire to know “and what then?” while listening at the storyteller . Today didn’t made anything clearer. I still am guessing, what next?
Where are the tales today?