Spirituality and the bodily life

I have written about the unique way to overcome the writer’s block. The famous writer Alexander M Zoltai honored me by reproducing my post to his blog. I wish add just one insight. The writing in a foreign language results  in the appreciation of the native language too. Because that makes us the responsible for each word we speak wherever we are at a moment. 

Time came to integrate a travel into a story now. So let us move from my chair to the window.

Wow, that was just unforgettable experience. I identified myself with the surrounding space and thus enabled the vague memories to revive. While viewing the walls, I was gazing at the window in front of me, and the sky was watching me. I became a part of the unlimited light. Yet at the approach to the windowsill my look fell down again. The black auto was winking with its red signal lamplight there.

How to relate the sky azure and the picture outside the window, the spirituality and the bodily life? I have tried to make a shot. It is below.

Spirituality and Bodily Life

Spirituality and Bodily Life