Life’s secret

Tomas Karkalas ~ life's secret 2015

Tomas Karkalas ~ life’s secret 2015

Has a disable the right to dream?

The wish to share the artworks with you looks nicely but it is impossible to do that without your support. The Loneliness and  meaningless are inseparable between.

Last glimpse

last glimpse - digital photo-painting by Tomas Karkalas

digital photo-painting LAST GLIMPSE by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

Even the best message is just the words, if it comes without the addressee. Therefore, I am questioning myself, what do I do? Why? And thus discover a meaning in my gazing through the window: the passersby dress the famous quotes for the strangers could revive the ages, put the wisdom to the irritating bustle outside. So my “Last Glimpse” got the meaning .

“More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.” — Harold J. Smith

ABC of self-deception

digital painting Scattered Seeds ~ Tomas Karkalas; Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting Scattered Seeds ~ Tomas Karkalas; Klaipeda, Lithuania

The mushrooms grow and have the same taste everywhere, yet, while moving from country to country, the approach to the gathering of the Edible Boletus differs greatly. The Lithuanians and I in the concrete love the mushrooming  – the wandering around the woods,  but it‘s otherwise in Sweden or Germany – many “gather” the delicious “wood-bread” only in the shops.
The same relate to the fine arts. The colors please each eye, yet radiate the different message – the same image means different things in different countries. In spite of everything, we continue to muse about the global impact of the fine arts on our cultures.

Is that not the ABC of self-deception?

Yes, I like to paint, but what does that mean? How to relate my emotions to the current world events?
Do you know the picture that changed though some in our daily living needs?
I also do not know, yet I am still creating my visual stories.

Thought of the day

The claim I know everything is the boasting that kills as being in an awe as the gratitude for being – that is much worse than just do not know. Gratitude masters the inspirational life.

most Honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art

most honorable estimator of Tomas Karkalas art

shadows defined

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

shadows defined

The about page presents our artworks to you and makes the authors into the viewers of their own creations. This transformation is the challenging. The creativity blossoms out. Yet the most convincing text is not what we succeed to put on paper but what other say about us. So who is your art-hiker? What is hidden under this nickname?
Discover Tomas Karkalas in the Daily Inspiration.

Thank you dear Harley King for the help to see myself

miracles happen

Miracles happen today too. The video below witnesses that: Indigo Expressions put my artworks on the video not in response to my order but his own imitative and thus presented me with the loveliest gift that I feel honored to share with you now.

Portrait of the Silence

it was easy to find myself with this image thus I chose the picture “Portrait of the Silence” to represent me and my blog. The photo of Tomas Karkalas looks otherwise than this coconut, yet that’s so only outwardly. I am going to talk not about the  size of my shoes, but what enables me to move forward and be grateful for the life I have. While our clothes differ greatly in fashion, we all experience the same spiritual matters. The above truth enables me to hear others, to hear those who even didn’t hear anything about my Lithuania, and to  talk with other not as a tourist, but the native.

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